10 x 50 AMP Battery Connector Compatible With Eletronic and Terminals 50A Red

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 The ANCHI multi-pole connector has a current rating of 50A and can be used according to the color recommended by the industry standard.


Vertical or horizontal stacking is available. The connector's housing is strong and the contact system is durable.


ANCHI power connector is made of impact resistant UL 94V-0 polycarbonate shell. Colors include white and red.


The contact piece is silver plated with copper material, low impedance and excellent electrical conductivity. Designers can choose from single-head contacts or multi-head connectors in the case package. The electrical separation can be minimized by the removal of the corrosion layer of the contact surface due to the insertion and removal process. Vertical or horizontal mounting can be controlled by a sliding locking mechanism.


The product is suitable for all kinds of electric vehicles (electric buses, forklifts, golf carts, tourist vehicles, tractors, batteries), communication power supply (UPS. AC. DC regulated power supply. EPS. Inverter, high frequency module power supply and High-frequency charger system), electric machinery (electric wheelchair, electric washing machine, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner), medical equipment (suction machine, decompression machine, electric treatment bed) and other enterprises;



*Rated current(Amperes):50A

*Rated voltage(Volts):600V

*Contact Barrel Wire Size(AWG):8、10~12AWG

*Contact material :copper Plate with silver

* Insulation material: PC

*Flammability :UL94 V-0

* Life:

  1. Without load (Contact/Disconnect Cycles): To10,000
  2. With Load(Hot Plug250 Cyles&120V):50A

*Average Contact Resistance(micro-ohms):<180

*Insulation Resistance:5000MΩ



Package includes:

 10 x Electronic connector(AndersonStyle)Plugs(10~12AWG,Red)

20 x Terminals

(If you need another model or other colors , please leave us a message when placing your order.)

You can choose:

8AWG, white;

8AWG, red;

10~12AWG, white;

10~12AWG, red;


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